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Eco Green Painting’s purpose is to provide quality painting service to the Twin Cities.  Based in Bloomington, MN Eco Green Painting, owned by Andrew Robinson, has been painting for the last 12 years.  Over the last decade, Andrew’s goals have been to provide high-end, quality painting at the same time caring for the environment at an affordable rate for the customer.  Our statement “When you are happy, we are happy” is more than just words.  It is the mission of our business.

Our painting staff provides all year round service in the Minneapolis, Minnesota and surrounding areas. You can expect a quality interior painting job all year round by professionals that paint for a living, and provide exterior painting projects when the weather is warm enough and not predicting rain within the next 24 hours.  We work with all types of paints including latex and oil based, keeping caring for the environment in mind.

We can provide color matching, and picking the right colors with charts and experience in making a home beautiful.   Choosing the right color is an important decision that can change the mood of room.  We work with color sample sheets that give you a full range of choices so you can find what is right for your home.

Our job is to make a room stand out.  A quality painting job can make or break the room, and our goal is to bring your painting dreams into reality.  Through our painting systems, we will make that room so you can enjoy it for years to come.  We love painting Bloomington, Minnesota!

Bloomington, MN and Minneapolis, MN Interior Painting Services for your Home or Business

The Interior of your home needs to be done right!  The right painting job should make your home look better, and Eco-Green Painting process can do just that.  We offer a great process for wall that has received regular wear and tear, and another high- end process for walls that have receive extensive damage due to water or wallpaper removal.  Whatever the job entails, we have the right painting system for your residential painting project or commercial painting project.

Bloomington, MN and Minneapolis, MN Exterior Painting Services for your Home or Business

Years of dirt and pollutions build up on your exterior, which needs to be washed away using a power washer.  This removes dirt and takes away any peeling paint at the same time.  Again, the main point is to give the new paint the best surface to adhere properly.  Our full range of color chart / cheat will then help you choose the right color to give your home the curb appeal it deserves.

Bloomington, MN and Minneapolis, MN Deck Staining and Deck Restoration

Our decks being exposed to the great outdoors, piles of snow and other things Mother Nature dishes out. Minnesota’s Deck go through it all.  Because of these elements thrown at our decks, we need to have them refinished on a regular basis.  Eco-Green Painting is up for the challenge. The old stain, mold, and mildew is power washed for the coating.  Where it is water proofing or deck stain we will use the product you desire for the look you are seeking.

Eco-Green Painting stands behind our product with a guarantee.  Remember “We are happy when the customer is happy.”

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